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Wedding Safa in Delhi

W edding Pagris have become a necessity at all kinds of weddings. They are no longer restricted to only north Indian celebrations. Wedding Safa Online presents you with an array of the most beautiful wedding Pagri for Barati which will suit all your guests. Depending on the theme and your liking, we have the best Pagris to catch the attention of all.

The ritual of wearing a Pagri at an auspicious event is old and part of our culture. A Pagri is worn as a mark of respect for the bride’s and groom’s family. It is an inseperable part of the ritual of marriage. Originally worn by Rajputs in Rajasthan, a Pagri is now a staple outfit for all weddings. A Pagri is a symbol of honour and respect in all the regions where it is a practice to wear one.

There are many types of Pagris depending on the culture. The RajasthaniPagri, the RajputiPagri, the Paag, the Peta, the Pheta, the Dustur and the Peshawari Pagri. You can choose from any of these as per your religion and preference. We will let you know about the costs for the same. Wedding SafaPagris are made in various style and from various cloths like the cotton Kota, Zaris , Saturn chiffon, Gatachola, etc

Not just that, Wedding Safa Online also provides extravagant Pagris for the groom. Given his stature in the Baraat, the groom needs a unique and eye catching Pagri to complement his outfit. Elaborated by pearls and decoration, the Pagri should serve as the crown for his head. Sherwani suits and Jodhpuri suits generally compliment the Rajasthan Pagri. Heavily brocaded and embroidered coats and jackets also go well with the Marwari pagris, making the entire appearance and experience rich and majestic. Another accessory that complements the outfit is Sehra. Modern Indian grooms these days prefer to match the color of their Sehra with their wedding outfits to give it a well-coordinated look. A lot of Rajasthani grooms prefer teaming up their elaborate Pagdis with a Sehra made out of pearls or semi-precious stones for that royal Rajputana look.

Wedding Safa Online provides all such wedding accessories at the best price. We also provide high class wedding Pagri tying services for all our customers at the best price. Relax at the origin of the Baraat as our experts will tie the Pagri of each Baraati in just under 2 minutes. The service is quick and professional. You would have to place a minimum order for the same. The Groom’s Pagri takes much more time and entails extra costs. Contact us now for the best service!



Wedding Safa Online offers the widest collection of Safas in India. We have years of experience in this field and offer exclusive service for the groom too.



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